Beware of THIS scam! Here’s how to save your money online

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Have you ever received unwanted calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages, or other messages from persons claiming to be able to repair your devices for a fee? The majority of people have received such offers. Did you able to say no, or did you get caught up in their elaborate web of false claims? People are so reliant on their gadgets these days that they will willingly listen and agree to give total strangers access to their gadgets in order to solve a problem or gain an advantage. 

But be cautious! These are all tech support frauds! These have become an industry-wide problem in which scammers dupe users into paying for unneeded support services to address faults on their devices that may not even exist.

Price to pay

Users should be aware that there may be a high cost to pay. At best, the scammers want you to pay them to "repair" a nonexistent problem with your device or programme, and at worst, they want your personal or financial information. Once you've lost money, the chances of regaining it are slim.

Scam research

The tech support scam is quite common, and it is becoming more prevalent as more and more people turn to the digital world during the pandemic. These cyber thieves take advantage of their lack of knowledge about their gadgets. According to research, consumers in India had a comparatively high scam encounter rate of 69 percent between January 2020 and May 2021. Also Read: Bollywood actor Salman Khan unveils crypto token GARI: Know all about it

What's more, nearly half of those polled were duped into continuing with the scam, and 31% of those who persisted with scam interactions lost money in 2021, a 17-point rise from 2018, according to Microsoft's 2021 Global Tech Support Scam Research report.

What if you have fallen victim

Those who have fallen victim to the tech support scam should remove any apps that the crooks encouraged you to install right away. After that, perform a security scan, reset your device, and change your passwords. Those who have already lost money should contact their bank as soon as possible.

5 ways to save yourself from tech support scams:

1. Do not click on unsolicited tech support calls, messages

Unsolicited phone calls for tech support are never accepted by service providers or businesses. They will not call you to offer tech support if you did not request it. Scammers frequently forge Caller ID as well.

2. Urgent call-to-action pop-ups must be shunned

Phone numbers are never included in error messages sent by respectable tech companies.

3. Asked to pay cryptocurrency or gift cards? 

Whether you request tech assistance, they will notify you if there will be a fee, and that fee will never be in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or gift cards.

4. Do not download illegal apps

Downloading software from a third-party website or a link in an e-mail is never a good idea. Software should only be downloaded from official websites, approved partners, or digital distribution platforms such as the Microsoft Store. Only download apps from official app stores, such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, for your mobile devices.

5. Do not provide personal information

Legitimate tech support will never request your password, Aadhaar card number, or any other sensitive information.

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