Facing problems using WhatsApp? THIS feature will fix it soon

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New Delhi: According to a recent feature leak, WhatsApp is working on a useful new feature that will allow users to monitor and manage the size of their backups. This is one of the most serious issues that WhatsApp users have experienced, and the remedy was rigid, forcing users to delete messages, images, and other important information. This is the popular encrypted messenger's second backup-related feature in development; it just began beta testing encrypted cloud backups for some users.

Feature leaker WABetaInfo discovered the new WhatsApp feature, which is currently being developed by the Facebook-owned encrypted messaging service. A new feature dubbed "Manage backup size" has been discovered in the newest beta for WhatsApp for Android (version beta), which allows users to regulate their backups that are uploaded to the cloud.

To understand why WhatsApp is working on this functionality, keep in mind that as more messages and attachments are received, WhatsApp backups might get incredibly huge. Many users have accumulated many terabytes of WhatsApp backup data over the years, and a portion of these chats and files is uploaded to Google Drive or iCloud every night. Also Read: Instagram tests a feature that will soon alert users about in-app outages

According to a screenshot posted by WABetaInfo, a user should be able to "exclude" specific types of media from the chat backup – such as photographs, audio, videos, documents, and "other media" – to lower the size of the backup.

One of the reasons WhatsApp is working on this feature, according to WABetaInfo, is that Google Drive's unlimited storage for WhatsApp backups may be limited in the future. WABetaInfo mentions Google Photos' recent cutoff of unlimited free storage, however it's worth noting that there was no communication about this at the time this post was published. Also Read: Gmail suffers massive outage in some parts of India

WhatsApp has recently been working on a number of privacy-enhancing features, including the ability to conceal specific aspects of one's profile from specified contacts and end-to-end encryption for cloud backups. The latter was just included in recent beta versions, while profile privacy features are still in the works. It's unclear whether the WhatsApp 'Manage backup size' function will be available to users in its current form or if it will be improved before being handed out by the firm.

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