Katrina Kaif row: Gehlot asks ministers to be decent

1 month ago 27

Ashok Gehlot (File photo)

JAIPUR: Disapproving the remark of minister Rajendra Gudha who had said of making roads of his constituency like Katrina Kaif ’s cheeks, chief minister Ashok Gehlot has advised ministers to be decent in their utterances.
Gehlot said in Surat that such comments were inappropriate. “Many times such comments come from Rajasthan and sometimes from from other states. Be it Rajasthan or from outside, they should be within the limits of decorum and decency. If you do politics outside limits, no one will like it.”
Gehlot added, “I do not know in what context the minister made the comment. We will find out. All I can say is that every person should have dignity. Ministers and chief ministers should have more dignity in their utterances and behaviour.”
Meanwhile, CPI(M) politburo member and former Rajya Sabha member Brinda Karat slammed the minister for his sexist comment and said a law should be made in Parliament and assemblies against such comments on women apart from the action under the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
Karat said it was highly objectionable and we had been demanding a stringent code of conduct for elected representatives in assemblies and in Parliament.
“This man is not fit to be a minister. What kind of standard is he setting among the public when he himself is making such sexist remarks?” she asked.
The Opposition BJP also demanded action against the state minister. Targeting the minister, BJP spokesperson Ram Lal Sharma said, “Making such a remark is indecent. The CM should take strict action.”


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