Now Instagram users can schedule IG Live: Here’s how to do it

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New Delhi: Instagram has launched a new tool that allows users to schedule IG Live broadcasts up to 90 days in advance. Instagram Live, for those unfamiliar, allows users to broadcast live videos to their followers via Instagram Stories. It's excellent for increasing user interaction, communicating with them directly, providing news, and creating your brand. 

Viewers will be able to "sign up" for Instagram, according to the company "to serve as a reminder to tune in. In a statement on Instagram, the Facebook-owned social media network stated that it expects the tool will aid in "finding and dissemination." TikTok released a set of creator tools in June, including the option to schedule TikTok LIVE videos. For security reasons, the ByteDance-owned platform is still blocked in India. 

Open the app and swipe left to right to open the camera to schedule an Instagram Live. Instagram defaults to the' Story' format, so scroll right to find Live. Then go to 'Schedule', give the event a name, and set the date and time. After that, users must share it as a post with an image. The post, description, and a prompt with the live link will be shown to viewers. Many creators will benefit from the functionality because they will be able to publicise their future events. Creators can upload countdown stories and much more with scheduled Live events. Also Read: Petrol, Diesel Prices Today, October 16: Fuel prices surge again, check prices in your city

Meanwhile, days after two disruptions interrupted Facebook and its services, the platform announced it is developing a feature that will warn users of outages or technical concerns directly within the app. 

Instagram announced in a blog post that the test will take place in the United States and will last a few months. On October 4, the company's 3.5 billion users were unable to access its social media and messaging services, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, due to a six-hour outage. Also Read: Bank Holidays in October, 2021: Banks to remain shut for 10 days. Check full list here

Instagram has revealed intentions to merge IGTV and feed videos into a single format called Instagram Videos. It also disclosed that a new Video tab, denoted by a triangle, would be added to the profile. It will take the place of the old IGTV box logo. The change will effectively improve how people watch content on the platform.

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